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Where ElasticPlank is a Fit
Packaging and logistics present challenges that vary by industry. The ElasticPlank Global Team can demonstrate how ElasticPlank  serves a wide range of products and what cost savings it can deliver for your business.
Whether you're shipping electronics, computer equipment, furniture, large appliances or other high-value, damage-sensitive products, the team can provide you with cost-benefit data specific to your industry.

Protective Packaging  
ElasticPlank  offers a foam solution for protective packaging that enables a smaller package design without sacrificing any of the protective properties found with bulkier foams. When shipping products, the dimensional weight, or dim weight of a packaged product often determines the cost of shipping large, lightweight products or boxes.

Beyond Packaging
With excellent floatability, elastic resilience and durability, Elastic Series PE foam has become 
the natural choice for waterborne sports goods, protective sports equipment and furnishings: