About Us
· About Us
Shenzhen Huancheng Plastic Development Co., Ltd.  is located in the new Shenzhen Longhua district. The factory houses 30 sets of large injection molding equipment, first-class development design engineers, senior technicians, and plastics engineering and development teams.
The company uses an advanced management model and has trained a production staff that numbers over 300 people. Shenzhen Hunacheng Plastic Development Co., Ltd. is reputable company in the Guangdong area that continues to develop strongly as fierce competitor in the industry.
· Our Technology
We are the leaders in the advanced technology avalible to the plastics and packaging industry. A cornerstone of our success is our commitment to staying on top of all the technological advnaces in the field. On top of having state-of-the-art equipment, we have a team of experts in product application as well.
· About ElasticPlank
ElasticPlank is resilient foam material consisting polyethelene. It is used in a variety of applications, including protective packaging, reusable dunnage trays, pallets, consumer products and automotive components. The unique characteristics of this versatile foam material deliver superb performance as a product, component and packaging alike.