Think Saving
Our passion for protection is not only aimed at our clients' products, but also our environment. Reduce packaging size, weight and fuel & energy consumption with ElasticPlank's extraordinary packaging. With ElasticPlank, it is possible to achieve sustainability goals and reduce consumption.

▪ Reducing Packaging Size
ElasticPlank can significantly reduce packaging size by as much as 40% which leads to additional material reductions. Clients can reduce the weight of their products using the Elastic series packaging material with confidence of high performance.

▪ Reducing Fuel and Energy Consumption
Using the Elastic series can immediately reduce packaging size and weight, increasing the capacity of every shipment. This results in fewer trucks on the road, less pollution and reduced fuel emmissions.
Due to the high fuel consumption rates for airfreight, these benefits are magnifield for products that are shipped by air.

Key Features/Benefits of this Product Line

  • Excellent Strength
  • Lamination Available for Custom Applications
  • Resistance to Creep Under Load
  • Water Resistance Characteristics
  • Resilient
  • Lightweight
  • Large selection of densities and colors
  • Available for world-wide delivery
  • Easily converted using traditional fabrication equipment
  • CFC and HCFC-free
  • Recyclable and Reusable