Beyond Packaging
Sports goods, Sports Equipment, Toy, and Home furnishing
With excellent floatability, elastic resilience and durability, Elastic Series PE foam has become 
the natural choice for waterborne sports goods, protective sports equipment and furnishings:
●  Life Jacket
●  Sports equipment and wall padding
●  Aerobic pedal
●  Surfboard structure
●  Boat cushions and buys
●  Floating pool toys and furniture
●  Spas and hot tubs
●  Golf bag and backpack inserts
●  Toys of all kids
Construction Application
With excellent insulation and isolating properties and high workability, Elastic Series PE foam 
products have become the ideal material for various contraction applications.
●  Floor Padding material
●  Pad and cover board for water pool
●  Concrete solidification pad
●  Pipeline insulation
●  Sill plate pad
●  Various isolation for heavy equipment installations
●  Baffle parting bar or washer
●  Sound insulation
●  Pool liners and convers
●  Acoustical insulation