Think Support
ElasticPlank's global team works with clients to develop the most innovative, convenient, safe, and valuable products. Clients receive support in all four of the key areas: Design, Testing, Technical Service, and Product Integrity. ElasticPlank's global team puts their clients priorities first and is dedicated to helping them create the best product possible.

  • Design
ElasticPlank's Design Team will work closely with you to ensure that the design of your product is sustainable and efficiently produced. We guarantee that we will make a positive impact on your costs, while not causing any negative effects on the environment.

  • Technical and Customer Service
To better serve our clients, we have two highly trained and professinal teams to communicate with our clients and to provide them with technical support. Our Customer Service Team is trained to help clients place orders for ElasticPlank products and will assist clients from the first call to the final product. Our Technical Service Team works closely with clients to provide support on the handling and processing of ElasticPlank materials. They will give hands-on training and ensure that clients receive full technical support. 

  • Testing
To ensure that our clients get the most protective and effective packaging for their products. ElasticPlank products undergo rigorous testing. We conduct tests within our facilities, as well as in external testing facilities. From physical performance testing ro product transportation validation testing to material analysis, ElasticPlank products are tested thoroughly so that our client's products will get the most effective protection. Our clients know that when they package their products with ElasticPlank, they are well protected!

  • Product Integrity
We do our best to meet our clients' needs, which means that we not only use our PE product in our packaging, but we also consider other materials to optimize the performance of our packaging.